Finance Group Built For a Changing Marketplace

RedRidge Finance Group was built to address the needs of a changing financial marketplace.

Whether it’s a middle market company looking to grow or restructure, or a client seeking straightforward, professional advice and diligence, our boutique approach allows us to provide the highest level of service and a range of offerings tailored to meet the needs of the companies, funds and banks we serve.

RedRidge Finance Group was created to address the needs of small to mid-size businesses at the inflection point of growth or restructuring, and for investors who manage and purchase assets. We commit to providing the highest level of client service and fiscal responsibility and provide a range of services tailored to the current market conditions and changing customer needs, including:

RedRidge’s team of experienced professionals understands both a borrower’s and lender’s point of view. We know that execution by your financial partner matters, and having real time feedback and response is key to completion of any transaction. Whether it’s a privately held manufacturer or a purchaser of assets, a $5.0 million refinance or $500 million placement, RedRidge supplies the critical information and analysis to execute the transaction quickly and at maximum value.

Transactions come and go but relationships last, and in RedRidge you will find a lasting partner to help you build your clients’ business for years to come. If you have a finance or diligence-related need, please call us and allow us to be a partner in your growth.